Writing for Children


I offer for-hire editorial services for poetry and picture book clients.
    My critiques consist of the following components:
  • a quick read, followed by an estimate of the time I think the critique will take
  • a thorough reading and mark-up of your manuscript, with notes
  • a detailed and comprehensive editorial letter about your work
  • an invoice detailing the amount of time spent
The editing I do includes both a critique of your overall piece and a detailed critique of concepts and word choices. I provide questions to help you further develop incomplete thoughts or refine the work, and suggestions or specific comments about what I think might help. It also includes a full line edit, including spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
    My rate is $40 (US) per hour, payable by check upon completion.
Please contact me via my website if you are interested in hiring me, and with any questions you may have about your manuscript.